zk treasure hunt

Each of the following emojis below is associated with a secret (x, y) coordinate in an infinite grid of positive integers. Try to find all the coordinates!

🌐 Example Hint: (5, 10)
😀 Easy Hint: Where the world starts
🧠 Medium Hint: What is the meaning of life?
Hard Hint: Eight digits, ascending.
🎧 Harder Hint: The Marvelettes
🔥 Impossible No hints! :)

Search for coordinates below:

proof of knowledge

Under the hood, this is using a zero-knowledge proof system called zk-SNARK (with snarkjs and circom). This allows you to prove that you know the coordinates, without revealing the coordinates themselves.

If you find a treasure, you can Download the JSON Proof file, and share that publicly. It does not reveal any information of the coordinates you discovered.

Anybody can use this page to verify a generated proof file, for example to verify somebody's claims that they know the coordinates of the Impossible treasure!

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